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DVD Black & Gray with Andy Engel

DVD Black & Gray with Andy Engel

Black & Gray Portrait or Black & Gray Textures

Both DVD’s are available at a special price

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On this DVD, internationally acknowledged and awarded Tattoo Artist Andy Engel shows the development of one of his famous black & grey portraits.

Andy has been a Tattoo Artist since 1995 and has constantly gained more knowledge and skills during his career. His specialization on black & grey portrait work has gained him lots of respect during the last five years. Now Andy shares his knowledge with all professional and aspiring Tattoo Artists on this DVD.

Just like in his seminars, fully booked all over the world, Andy explains what’s important – step by step and easy to follow. Starting with the proper preparation of his workplace and explaining colors, needle groupings and his machines, Andy shows how to create a stencil and the whole tattooing process up until the finished portrait. This DVD features the full „how to“ guide for a great black & grey portrait.

After countless articles in magazines all over the world, lots of TV appearances and many seminars now everybody has the chance to look over Andy’s shoulder at any time.